Technical data
ATRIA N22 A (AT, RAL9006)
Code: ATJ0101000
Technical data
ATRIA N22 A (AT, RAL9006)
Code: ATJ0101000

ATRIA 22 (AT,RAL9006)
ATRIA 22 (AT,RAL9006)
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Emergency luminaire for installation at significant heights and in large indoor spaces. The frame, manufactured in aluminium, in addition to the sink is the support for the electronic system, the batteries and the optical group. The combined use of specific lenses and aluminium-coated reflectors ensure optimum performance in open area lighting and escape routes. Suitable for mounting on walls or ceilings. It consists of 4 or 8 LEDs with independent lenses that are illuminated if the mains fails. An internal microprocessor checks the status of the device and periodically performs functionality and autonomy tests and reports the status using the two LED indicator lights that it includes. The tests can be requested manually by means of an ON Remote Control order when connected to the mains.
  • Format: Atria
  • Operation: Non-maintained LED AutoTest
  • Duration (h): 1
  • Emergency lamp: MHBLED
  • Charging indicator: LED
  • Protection rating: IP43 IK04
  • Electrical insulation: Type II
  • Test device: AutoTest
  • Remote control connection: Yes
  • Battery type: LiFePO4
  • Optical group: Open area on ceiling
  • Colour: Silver grey
  • LED Colour Tone: Cool white (6000ºK-7000ºK)
  • Voltage: 220-230V 50/60Hz
  • Luminious flux in emrgency (lm): 1000
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