ModelDuration (h)Inst. height (m)Emerg. lamp
Non-maintained LED
LENS N20 (SM)12.0 to 2.5MHBLED
LENS N30 (SM)12.5 to 4MHBLED
LENS N40 (SM)14 to 7MHBLED
LENS N70 (SM)17 to 15MHBLED
LENS 1,5N8 (SM)1.52 to 9MHBLED
LENS 1,5N8L1 (SM)1.59 to 15MHBLED
LENS 1,5N8L2 (SM)1.515 to 25MHBLED
LENS 2N20 (SM)22.0 to 2.5MHBLED
LENS 2N30 (SM)22.5 to 4MHBLED
LENS 2N40 (SM)24 to 7MHBLED
LENS 2N70 (SM)27 to 15MHBLED
LENS 3N20 (SM)32.0 to 2.5MHBLED
LENS 3N30 (SM)32.5 to 4MHBLED
LENS 3N40 (SM)34 to 7MHBLED
LENS 3N70 (SM)37 to 15MHBLED
Maintained LED
LENS P20 (SM)12.0 to 2.5MHBLED
LENS P30 (SM)12.5 to 4MHBLED
LENS P40 (SM)14 to 7MHBLED
LENS P70 (SM)17 to 15MHBLED
LENS 1,5P8 (SM)1.52 to 9MHBLED
LENS 1,5P8L1 (SM)1.59 to 15MHBLED
LENS 1,5P8L2 (SM)1.515 to 25MHBLED
LENS 2P20 (SM)22.0 to 2.5MHBLED
LENS 2P30 (SM)22.5 to 4MHBLED
LENS 2P40 (SM)24 to 7MHBLED
LENS 2P70 (SM)27 to 15MHBLED
LENS 3P20 (SM)32.0 to 2.5MHBLED
LENS 3P30 (SM)32.5 to 4MHBLED
LENS 3P40 (SM)34 to 7MHBLED
LENS 3P70 (SM)37 to 15MHBLED



Lens TCA

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Lens (SM) CC Lens (SM) CC+CL Curva fotometrica

Self-contained LED emergency luminaire. Cylindrical body and polycarbonate diffuser. Provides LED light source that illuminates on power failure.

Format: Lens
Operation: Non-maintained LED
Duration (h): 1
Installation height (m): 2.0 to 2.5
Emergency lamp: MHBLED
Charging indicator: LED
Protection rating:
Electrical insulation: Type II
Test device: No
Remote control connection: Yes
Battery type: NiMH
Photometric data:
Luminous flux in emergency (lm):      
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