ModelDuration (h)Flux (lm)Emerg. lamp
Non-maintained LED AutoTest
ZG4 LD-2N30 A21500MHBLED
ZG4 LD-3N22 A31100MHBLED

Zenit PL TCA

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ZENIT PL LD(GR)_G4F Zenit PL G 4F Curva fotometrica
ZG4 LD-N22 A (GR)

Emergency floodlight composed of two bodies. The first consists of a base to house electronic components and batteries. The second one consists of four optical groups each composed of a high-performance aluminised reflector, a LED PL tube and a transparent diffuser, adjustable and joined to the base with a ball joint. It is equipped with a fast connection and fastening system. Consists of 2 or 4 LED PL tubes that switch on if the power supply fails. An internal microprocessor checks the status of the device and periodically performs functionality and autonomy tests and reports the status using the two LED indicator lights that it includes. The tests can be requested manually by means of an ON Remote Control order when connected to the mains.

Format: Zenit G 4F PL LD
Operation: Non-maintained LED AutoTest
Duration (h): 1
Emergency lamp: MHBLED
Charging indicator: LED
Protection rating: IP42 IK04
Electrical insulation: Type II
Test device: AutoTest
Remote control connection: Yes
Battery type: NiMH
Photometric data:
Luminous flux in emergency (lm):      
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