Integration in ModBus with DaisaTest

Daisalux has included the possibility to communicate via the Modbus protocol, allowing integration with a BMS, in its Daisatest system.

Integrating the different existing inmotic systems in a building into one management system is a common procedure, known as BMS (Building Management System).

This integration is currently possible because the Daisatest software acts as a Modbus server itself. In order for the information created by the Daisatest system to be up-to-date and for orders to be received from the BMS, the Daisatest software must be running all the time.

The Modbus communication architecture can be carried out through the Daisatest software on the BMS server or by connecting a PC with Daisatest. An example of each installation is shown below:

  • Daisatest

Regardless of the communication architecture chosen, the installation can be made up of self-contained TCA and central TEV luminaires and/or centralised ELC luminaires and CB or LPS series equipment.

The information managed via the Modbus protocol is provided at a global level, providing data on the safety index of the installation or the number of luminaires that are faulty. Information is also obtained at the TEV control unit or central battery system and at the specific level for each luminaire in the installation, providing data on the status of the lamp or battery.