Corporate Compliance

DAISALUX has developed and implemented a Criminal Risk Prevention Program to promote an institutional and corporate culture of compliance (Corporate Compliance), aiming to achieve orderly and responsible management as activities are undertaken at nanoGUNE, as well as striving for a culture of integrity, honesty, transparency, and respect for ethical standards and rules.

Likewise, DAISALUX intends to show its absolute rejection of any irregular behavior in the development of its activities, mainly those conducts that by their nature may constitute a potential crime, whose prevention is the Program's primary objective.

Therefore, this Program is made up of different documents which are all framed under DAISALUX's Corporate Compliance efforts. Via this website, we make both the DAISALUX Code of Ethics and the Whistleblower Channel available to any third party who is interested in these elements.

The DAISALUX Ethics Code is a starting point to show our commitment to compliance with legal regulations, integrity, and transparency as we undertake our activities.

Ethics Code Link [Download PDF]

DAISALUX makes a Whistleblower Channel available to all staff members and related third parties so that they can report any possible suspicious behavior that could potentially be criminal or illegal in nature.

This channel is based on the principles of good faith and a commitment to the fact that retaliation will not be sought, as well as a commitment to confidentiality, to the right to preservation of one's reputation, to the right to be considered innocent until proven otherwise, and to the right to a fair chance to present a defense. NanoGUNE guarantees –at all times– the confidential, independent, and objective processing of any correspondence received through the Whistleblower Channel in accordance with the guidelines on Data Protection and Information Security.

Any reports received must have, at minimum, the items listed in the following form, which must be completed and sent.

Whistleblow data:
First name*
National ID*
Postal address**

Whistleblow information (Event description):
Whistleblow event description*
Date when event took place*
Date when event was detected*
Way in which event was detected
Means of commission of event

Whistleblow information (Persons or units involved):
Position (if known)
Other third parties involved

I have read and accept the Daisalux privacy policy
 * Required data
** Data in which at least one must be filled in

Basic information on data protection

Data controller

To manage your complaint and, if applicable, carry out the corresponding investigation.

You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, oppose their processing, access, rectify and erase the data, in addition to other rights, by writing to Daisalux via post or to the email address

Additional information
You can consult additional, detailed information on Data Protection in the Daisalux Privacy Policy.

By sending whistleblow you consent to the processing of your data in the indicated terms and expressly and unreservedly accept the Conditions of Use
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